ACRUX Network

A limitless multi-chain decentralized financial
ecosystem with various and extraordinary products

We are by your side with endless dreams

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Swapping BEP-20 tokens fast and easily


benefit from staking assets and tokens at 3x leverage.

Multi chain

users can utilize assets of various chains in our protocol


transfer your tokens with the most suitable fee between different chains


An entertaining section to win prizes and rewards including lotteries, gaming, predictions, etc.


a diversity of NFT products such as NFT farming and NFT trading exist.

Liquidity pool

create a liquidity pool with one to ten tokens with backup currency


Collect points by activity on the site and spend them to get more profit and receive our tokens, and more

Lending and borrowing

users can lend their tokens to others as lenders and earn interest rate or as borrowers can borrow tokens with an acceptable interest rate.


maximize your returns by farming your LPs in our farm at 3x leverage.


governance token owners can make decisions about the protocol’s future by voting.

Futures trading

Users can multiply their profits from the price changes of an asset without owning it using leverage.

Benefits of ACX Owners

  • Voting
  • 0.02% of Trading Fees
  • 0.05% of the interest rate on staking and farming loans
  • One ticket in all daily lotteries
  • Increase APR up to 25% in Yield Farming or Staking
  • Increase in leverage up to 4x for Yield Farming or Staking

farming & staking

  • farming & staking leverage up to 3x
  • fixed APR
  • fixed APR with collecting points
  • no Liquidation

Futures trading

  • leverage up to 100x
  • after Liquidation, loans up to 4 times without funds are given
  • easy and simple usage
  • the least fund


Marketing: 2%

Ecosystem: 30%

Security: 3%

Private Sale, ICO & IDO: 30%

Cex & Dex: 16%

Airdrop: 3%

Reserve: 10%

Advisors: 1%

Team: 5%

Marketing: 2%

Ecosystem: 30%

Security: 3%

Private sell and Public sell: 30%

Cex / Dex: 16%

Airdrop: 3%

Reserve: 10%

Advisor: 1%

Team: 5%



Idea & research ✅

Lite paper ✅

ACR token launch ✅

Website launch ✅

CG , CMC , Coinstats

Private sale, (ICO,IDO)


White paper

Acrux Private testing

Internal audit

Update website

Acrux beta launch


Security audit beginning

Dex listing

ACX token & Governance

ACU token creation

Scoring launch

Futures trade launch

Acrux+ launch

Acrux on Ethereum

Acrux on Polygon

Acrux on Solana

Acrux on Cardano

Cross chain Pools & Swap



Mainnet launch & Update web site

Lending & Borrowing

NFT market place

Mobile App

Cex listing